Ruby Newell-Legner - 7 Star Service

Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP

Fan Engagement Expert from Colorado

Since 1996, 7 Star Service has been the behind-the-scenes force fueling the dynamic advances in fan engagement trainings that turn everyday customers into raving fans.  Serious organizations know that a loyal and devoted customer base provides the foundation that allows their agency to grow exponentially.  Ruby has made it possible for hundreds of organizations in 23 countries to have professionally-trained fan experience staff without paying the high salaries that it would take to hire such expertise.

Founder, Ruby Newell-Legner, is considered the preeminent Customer Satisfaction specialist in the Sports, Leisure and Entertainment Industry today. An industry icon in fan engagement and fan experience, her powerful trainings will leave your employees ready, willing and able to go that extra mile to have every customer coming back for more.

Certified Speaking Professional

As a Certified Speaking Professional, Ruby Newell-Legner has presented more than 2500 programs in 23 countries and served as National President of the National Speakers Association 2015-16.

As a Fan Experience Expert, she has designed and delivered customized service experience programs for more than 1000 businesses, including 29 professional sports teams in the NFL, NHL, NBA, CFL, MLB and WNBA. From Ferrari World to the Columbus Zoo, from Denver to Dubai, Ruby brings unprecedented expertise and insight on how to create a service culture that motivates employees and promotes guest loyalty and retention.

Ruby offers leading sports, leisure and entertainment companies, 7 Star Service solutions to amplify their brand and bottom-line. She helps them build a guest-centric culture from their front-line employees to their guests, between co-workers and their peers, and from managers to the employees they supervise and mentor.

Results Speak for Themselves

Clients who have followed Ruby’s 7 Star Service Proprietary Process have seen the following results:

  • Increased customer satisfaction ratings by 17%
  • Moved from #78 to the #1 position in ESPN Guest Experience rankings of 122 professional sports franchises
  • Amplified repeat business by 19%
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction so much that investors approved a $1 Billion Expansion
  • Expanded their Season Ticket Members from 4,000 to 11,000 in one year
  • Increased revenue in one year by 16%

Ruby’s knowledge of best practices in customer service is one reason why Ruby has trained management and frontline staff for more than 1000 organizations in the world. Her clients include:

  • General Electric, Johnson & Johnson and Apple
  • 350 municipal agencies and parks & recreation departments
  • 49 arenas & stadiums hosting 29 professional sports teams
  • 44 Family Entertainment & Sports Centers
  • 43 waterparks and amusement parks
  • 36 New Recreation Facilities preparing to open
  • 20 military installations
  • 12 universities & colleges
  • 5 convention centers
  • 4 amphitheater & performing arts complexes
  • 4 zoos & aquariums
  • 3 ski areas (1 indoor)
  • 1 casino
  • Facilities hosting Super Bowl XLI, the 2008 & 2013 Grey Cup (Canada), the US Open (tennis)
    and the 2010 Olympics
  • The Burj Al Arab, frequently referred to as the only 7 Star hotel in the world (her company’s namesake)

As a Colorado native, Ruby resides with her husband of 30+ years and their two Labrador Retrievers in Littleton, Colorado. 

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