Ruby Newell-Legner - 7 Star Service

Improving Teams’ Abilities to Deliver Amazing Guest Service

Your fans are hungry for an experience that is meaningful and memorable. When you deliver that level of guest service consistently—for a first-time website visitor or a long-time season ticket holder—you build loyalty and retention, increase ticket sales or membership, and increase revenue and profit.

Ruby focuses on these goals through 7 Star Service consulting and training for the sports, leisure, and entertainment industry. Leveraging her decades of experience working closely with everyone from team owners to event staff, she delivers customized solutions for improving fan experience through culture, customer insight, and positive employee engagement.

Ruby’s work begins with interviews with key members of your team. She works to discover your unique opportunities and challenges. She often uses secret shopper techniques to understand what your fans experience. After sharing her insights with you, she presents a collaborative plan for transforming your organization. Ruby’s initiatives and training are successful because she involves the people impacted in the process, creating a sense of ownership and pride from the start.

Through consulting, she can help you

  • Transform strained partner or vendor relationships into a positive, coordinated service approach
  • Turn low sales into sell-out crowds and waiting lists for season tickets
  • Create clear focus on customer service throughout your organization with vision and a customer service mantra
  • Eliminate low employee engagement and build an environment where staff are excited to come to work and shine in their roles
  • Coordinate the efforts of every team in your organization or venue by building cohesive relationships based on respect and collaboration.
  • Improve communication between front-line employees and fans, co-workers and colleagues, managers and employees, and internal departments and contracted partners.

Through training, she can help you

  • Turn weak managers and supervisors into respected leaders
  • Improve event planning through better communication and collaboration
  • Analyze your Cycles of Service™ and develop clearly defined service standards that improve employee judgment
  • Discover customer needs and learn how to leave a positive impression in each interaction
  • Create focused recruiting, onboarding, and training programs that reduce turnover and help you deliver more consistent service
  • Improve guest service through a handful of critical behaviors and skills
  • Respond to customer complaints in a way that turns unhappy guests into fans
  • Develop a premium level of service that attracts high-dollar customers and events
  • Create a set of systems and tools that eliminate the most common hurdles to great service

Let Ruby apply her passion for customer service, guest relations, and the ultimate fan experience to your organization. You will be amazed by the results.

Explore how Ruby’s customized 7 Star Service approach can help you by downloading the Solutions Worksheet (links below) to learn more.

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