Ruby Newell-Legner - 7 Star Service

Any speaker can invite you to listen. A great speaker changes the way you see!

Insight. Enthusiasm. Humor. These are just a few of the words clients use when they talk about Ruby’s speeches and workshops. The real test, though, is the value she delivers to audience members. They leave her sessions with practical knowledge about how to improve results.

Ruby can help participants

  • Use the 7 Star Service model to deliver better service through culture, create legendary fan experiences, and enhance loyalty and retention
  • Analyze service to build attention to detail and turn transactions into experiences

Speeches and Workshops Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Ruby’s high-energy presentations encourage, challenge, and empower everyone who participates. With a degree in education and special studies in adult learning, Ruby understands the importance of making the learning process interactive and fun. Ruby also earned the Certified Speaking Professional® designation from the National Speakers Association more than a decade ago. The result of her deep experience is greater engagement and better retention.

Attendees will be talking about your event for months.[callout?]

Ruby is not one-size-fits-all. Every speech or workshop is customized, from the stories Ruby tells, to the activities she uses, to the practical tools she shares. She works with each client to understand the needs of the participants and the goals of the conference. Then she delivers a unique experience that earns rave reviews.

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