Ruby Newell-Legner - 7 Star Service

7 Star Service Improves Top and Bottom Line Results

If you can create a legendary experience for every visitor, you can increase revenue and profit. Ruby’s goal in her work with clients is to help them deliver those amazing experiences. How? By building a culture in which all staff and contracted partners are engaged in delivering high-quality service. Through staff development that empowers people with insight and skills. By improving communication and relationships. And by growing leaders.

Customized, Collaborative

Through consulting, training, and speaking, Ruby collaborates with leaders in the sports, leisure, and entertainment industry to improve loyalty and retention. Based on in-depth research into an organization’s needs and challenges, she designs customized initiatives, guest relations training programs, and presentations that grow 7 Star Service.

Make Fan Experience the Heart of Your Culture

In your organization, is great service just talk or is it integral to operations? If your organization is like most, it’s time to discover how to embed the customer and employee experience by developing an engaging culture.

Develop Cycles of Service™ and Service Standards

When your employees engage with customers, are they checking items off a to-do list or are they creating a powerful experience? Analyze the Cycles of Service™ in your organization and develop standards that empower employees with good judgment.

Understand Your Fans

Loyalty requires a two-way relationship. It requires you to know your fans. You need more than data and demographics. You need a deeper understanding of their unique needs and expectations—so that you can fulfill and exceed them.

Build Positive Relationships with Employees

High turnover and poor attitudes are service killers. To instill passion for service and create a customer-centric team, build a positive relationship with each employee through recruiting, onboarding, and development.

Lead with a Service Mindset

Great service stems from great leadership. To be successful as a leader, positively influence people by creating an environment of inclusion, opportunity, communication, continuous improvement, and service.

Create One Team

Does your organization suffer from finger pointing, lack of cooperation, or poor communication between departments or contracted partners? Invite team members to be part of the experience and create a unified approach to serving each customer.

Value the Loyalty and Engagement You Already Have

You need continued engagement and loyalty from fans and employees in order to grow your business. How do you reinforce those valuable behaviors? Develop a compelling reward and recognition system that encourages the behaviors that improve your bottom line.

Explore how Ruby’s customized 7 Star Service approach can help you by downloading the Solutions Worksheet to learn more.