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Secrets to Keeping Our Customers Happy, DVD training.

Secrets to Keeping Our Customers Happy!

Announcing a FIRST-TIME EVER Customer Service Training DVD System!

“Finally, You Can Share all the Secrets to Keeping Your Custnonomers Happy with your staff, With Ruby’s Guidance EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!”

Now you don’t have to be a professional speaker or trainer to offer the tools your employees need to offer polished customer service. I’m here to show you how, PERSONALLY!

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From: Ruby Newell-Legner

Dear Fellow Manager,

Frustrated your employees are STILL not serving your patrons the way you know they should? Don’t worry…It happens to all of us.

ruby-avatar2Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP, Customer Service Trainer Extraordinaire

We Are ALL in the People Business … And the DNA of the People Business is Customer Service!

That’s right. If you don’t have strong customer service it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is. No one will ever know because they won’t go one step further to check out your service or product. They will simply go away forever in a split second (possibly to do business with a someone else).

The good news is … when your staff is properly plugged into the RIGHT customer service roadmap, a chain reaction happens. Your business grows with the velocity of a solar flare. It’s so fast and dependable, it’s practically on autopilot. Know why?

  • Customer Service never sleeps. It represents YOUR business to tons of potential new clients, even when you’re not there.
  • Customer Service makes you stand out. It puts you in the driver’s seat as the number one resource in your field.
  • Customer Service is the center of EVERY successful business.Without customer service to breathe life into your product or service, sales don’t happen. Period.
  • Customer Service doesn’t spoil. Exceptional Customer Service can be used over and over again to help you stand apart from your competition.
  • Customer Service is the underestimated secret weapon. It’s the single most reliable way to guarantee that you are the obvious choice over your competitors – every time.

In fact, you DON’T HAVE to be a professional speaker to share these tips with your staff! You heard me…

You don’t even have to be a great trainer to teach customer service.

Best of all..

Offering Professional Customer Service Training will make you a Hero to your staff!!!

But whether you’re a seasoned manager or a new supervisor ready to leap to the next level in your career, where do you get access to good customer service training? I’ll share that with you in just a minute. But first I want to give you a little bit of background…

My name is Ruby Newell-Legner. I wondered where I could get access to good customer service training myself in 1994 when I first decided to quit my job as a facility manager. I would have done anything to be a quick success as a trainer. But there weren’t any step-by-step systems out there that I could find in 1994.

So I did it the old-fashioned way. I studied by immersing myself in all things customer service – I read books by the masters, attended workshops, interviewed the best of the best in the business. And very quickly my skill level went from novice to pretty darn good. That’s because the learning curve for developing your customer service awareness can be very short.

When I was finally able to ask the “gurus” face-to-face about their customer service training systems, I was repeatedly shocked by their answer. It was the same for ALL of them.

No Other High-Level Leisure Facility Manager Had a REPLICATABLE Customer Service Training SYSTEM!!!

They recognized that there IS a formula…just not one they could actually teach to anyone else.

What!!? I couldn’t believe it, but it was true.

Oh they could offer customer service themselves. And they could tell you sort of how they did pieces of it. But nobody could share a complete formula for teaching their staff from A to Z.

Well, because one of my passions is to help others master the skill of customer service after what I went through, I made it my mission to painstakingly break down the process for experienced managers and supervisorsalike.

But I didn’t settle on simply writing out the roadmap…

I also wanted to share priceless techniques to teaching really GOOD Customer Service very quickly. Sometimes people can be perfectionists, you know? They labor over getting it just right before they put their training programs out there for the world to see.

And the longer it takes to get your training to the front line, the more customers you are LOSING.

Now, whether you are a supervisor or a manager…

I Want to Mentor You to Be a
Customer Service Training Super Star!

Customer Service Training shouldn’t be intimidating! But without the right teacher, Customer Service can be a HUGE CONCEPT to absorb.

It doesn’t have to be…

See I have a passion (some say “a knack”) for showing people how uncomplicated this process really can be. (I know you can do it too if you just follow my footsteps. It’s very easy.)

Customer Service is much more like talking face to face with a friend. It’s building a relationship with each customer. It grows loyalty and trust and repeat clientele.

Introducing the Most Complete, Most Robust, Most Easy-To-Follow Customer Service Training System in the WORLD! – “Secrets to Keeping Our Customers Happy!”

Yes, I have offered this course as a live program for years, but something was missing … and that something was the ability to have it available year round as new staff members came on board! I’ve taken this incredible POWERHOUSE of a course and turned it into a follow-along DVD.

That’s right! Just like me giving a live workshop (only without the travel and expenses).

You couldn’t fail if you TRIED!

This power-packed training program has already helped hundreds increase their revenues and teach customer service skills in a live event format. We took the raw materials from my intense hands-on training, and tirelessly edited them into the equivalent of a college crash course … complete with professor!

In 5 fun modules with me by your side, you can teach your staff…

  • How to understand what your customers want and why they complain so you can meet their needs and avoid their complaints. Using national studies on customer behavior, I will share statistics on how to build loyal customers, a formula that is very simple (I confess. This isn’t rocket science but there are nuances to meeting your customers needs so they come back for more and I’m going to hand it all over to YOU);
  • How one small change in your body language can promote positive communication, encouraging every customer to listen openmindedly to what you have to say;
  • The truth behind what makes your customer service responses “okay” versus what makes your staff shine in their customer service delivery (you may be shocked by some of the ugly secrets I’m giving up. I’ve seen it all, and I’m telling!);
  • How to speed up your staff orientation training no matter how difficult it was for you to squeeze it all in before (allow me to share some easy ways to set your staff up for success from the day they sign their personnel notice.)
  • The 4 crucial things you must do to keep your customers coming back for more and 5 reasons your customers complain (and what to do to avoid those complaints);
  • What steps you can take to calm upset or angry customers (and what NOT to do that just wastes your time.);
  • The simple steps you can take to build trust and rapport with each customer (these tactics work so well I wonder why everyone doesn’t adopt this strategy for all the relationships in their life);
  • Where to go for customer service newsletter articles that you can share with your staff to continue the learning process after they have watched the video segments.
  • How to build loyalty and trust with your customers, making you the first organization they think of when it’s time to purchase your product or service;
  • My secret gesture that offers a polite way to offer your customers directions (you may be using an old technique that is a derogatory gesture in some cultures);
  • Learn which kinds of words build a communication bridge (and which words to avoid at all costs);
  • Let me show you the fastest way to develop a psychological truth with your customer that converts angry patrons into loyal guests (the delivery is by far the most important perception to focus on);
  • Swipe all 10 “Better Options” that replace inappropriate “Popular Phrases” your staff may be using (why reinvent the wheel when it’s been done for you already?);
  • Learn the fastest and easiest way to help your employees understand the significant impact customer loyalty can have on your business (And what a negative encounter can do to your business);
  • The little insider secret that will have you watching your subliminal body language! (I’ll show you exactly how to build positive relationships through this one simple action);
  • What words should RARELY be used with a customer (yet most novices do it anyway);
  • The method of affirmative eye contact that promotes a positive connection with each customer;
  • How repeating back what you heard the customer say creates camaraderie and confirms you understand what they told you;
  • Ways to get your staff to support each other and work side by side to serve your customers as a team (promoting positive internal customer service is always the key);
  • When to NEVER interrupt your customers (yet frontline staff do it all the time thinking it will save them time);
  • How to help employees start off on the right foot (you must encourage them to decide what reputation they want to start in the organization);
  • And soooooo much more!

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As you can see, this training program covers a TON of information. Most importantly, you get access to real-world customer service strategies you can use whenever you need to train your staff super fast.

In particular you’ll help your staff master the kingpin of all customer service delivery – Internal Customer Service – the way each coworker treats their teammates as they work side by side to serve your guests. We will cover:

  • Professional Image
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Positive Perspective

The “Secrets to Keeping Our Customers Happy” Training Program connects the dots for you and gives you the step-by-step techniques for maximum staff development.

In fact, the “Secrets to Keeping Our Customers Happy” is different (and more effective) than ANY OTHER Customer Service Training COURSE you’ve ever seen!

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what these satisfied attendees experienced during the live sessions of this program!

“The program is well presented; interesting and lively. Ruby does a great job of demonstrating what she is teaching.
I will use the information she shared when training my cashiers for the summer. I will also use it when preparing the procedure manuals for use within their job. In addition; I’m sure this refresher course will serve me well when I talk with unhappy customers. This course reminds me to never interrupt and always validate the customer’s position.”
Jodi Litchfield, POS Manager, City of Englewood

“I love Ruby’s enthusiasm while teaching and training customer service. She gives tools to use, solutions to situations and you know she genuinely cares about customer service. I will use the information on the tips for calming upset customers; specifically the two second rule and responding with “we” not “I”. I also like the options for responding to customers especially the use of “our guidelines” instead of “our policy”.
Ruby’s seminar is the best and most productive 3 hours I have spent in a long time.”
Lugene Wilemon, Administrative Technician, City & County of Denver

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“I’m Convinced, Ruby! How Much?”

This course is an INVESTMENT that can truly change your life.

Because of the quality of the program and the level of training you get from this dynamic product could be priced at $10,000.00 without hesitation. What is contained in this super-sized package is equivalent to learning a trade that will reward you and your staff for a lifetime! Imagine, anytime you hire new staff members, you have the tools to set them up for success from the beginning of their tenure. It really is THAT simple!

But I wanted as many people as possible to get their hands on this material. Normally the live training session ALONE (without the additional materials) sells for $7000 a day. But I’ve actually REDUCED the price while adding much more value!

It’s easy to get caught up in the BUSY-NESS of your life and ignore what is best for your BUSINESS! That’s a mistake that will come back to haunt you.

I hate to see managers who could become great mentors and make a difference to their clientele but because they were too easily distracted they pass up this opportunity. If you’re remotely interested in this course, I recommend you act NOW.

Pricing for full set of 5 modules $1997.00 Buy Now
Pricing for Non-Profits* for full set of 5 modules $1497.00 Buy Now

*A nonprofit organization is a legally constituted organization whose primary objective is to support or to actively engage in activities of public or private interest without any commercial or monetary profit purposes.

Best of all it’s 100% guaranteed for 90 days. I am so confident this is the BEST step-by-step customer service training system out there (bar NONE) I encourage you to try it for yourself for 90 days.

The risk is solely on 7 Star Service… not YOU or your organization!

If you’re not thrilled with the education you receive and you’re not getting use out of it, I insist you return the entire product for a full refund (less shipping, of course). I simply don’t want you to keep a product that isn’t serving you.

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So, How Much Would Peace of Mind Mean to You?

What about feeling confident that your staff is dealing with every customer in a positive, professional manner? Or handling an upset customer in a way that turns them into a life-long advocate? Or even the belief that your employees are working side by side to work as a team to serve your customers? I truly believe you can attain those things with the right customer service training system. That’s because the results I’ve seen from sharing simple customer service tactics have been staggering. It is my goal to give you that peace of mind by using my customer service training system as a catapult.

While I can’t predict what your personal results will be, I can assure you that customer service is the closest thing there is to a magic bullet for increasing your revenue. Great customer service equals more happy customers. PERIOD.

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Customer Service is the Engine that Drives the Customer Satisfaction Machine…. As Any Top Manager Knows!

You may be sitting there thinking, “Hmm, well this all sounds nice, but I’m not ready to train my staff yet.”

You may be right. It all depends on which Stage you are at in your own organization. See in all my years of working with thousands of managers like yourself, I’ve discovered there are truly Three Stages of Success.

The First Stage is when your passion develops and you know you are called upon to supervise employees. I call this the “Budding Stage.” We all begin here. And this is the most frustrating stage because you have done a great job as a front line manager so you get promoted. Then you find out you have to get things done through other people … people who don’t know customer service techniques the way you do. It’s very painful like a rose bud with all this beauty trapped inside that can’t get out.

The Second Stage is the “Emergence Stage.” This is when leaders begin to get it. They finally see the connection between positive customer service and happy customers. Finally they begin to realize they can teach their staff how to deliver that customer service but they need a tool to do it. This is a fun stage because people actually begin to see what needs to be done. It’s like a rose that’s just beginning to bloom.

The Final Stage is the “Enlightened Stage.” It’s as if the veil has been lifted. It’s finally clear how integrating staff development on customer service on a consistent basis with a good, sound training tool reaps success. Finally business is in full bloom and at its most magnificent. Employees are seeking out your organization and you are becoming an “employer of Choice” instead of you begging to get staff to work for you. You are making a difference in the world because you are developing your staff and giving them the tools to succeed. Compliments from customers AND employees are pouring in so you can keep the cycle going. This stage is the BEST!

So every stage is perfectly fine to be in. You have to decide for yourself which one most defines you.

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Don’t Even Think About It! Just Let Me Show You How To…

  • Put yourself back in the customer service driver’s seat
  • Effortlessly tap into your inner trainer
  • Discover insider secrets that clearly outline customer service skills for your front line staff
  • Learn the proven systems to banish unhappy customers
  • Identify your best approach to teaching Customer Service Skills to all your employees
  • Ask the right questions (so you get powerful answers from your customers)
  • Utilize this mind-blowing customer service training system from A to Z

… And so much more!

I want to make this a no-brainer for you in every way, so I looked around to see what else I could give you to help you decide. And I found the perfect bribe…uh, I mean, bonus! 🙂

How about some free tools to guarantee your success …

Bonus #1 A 30-minute phone consultation with Ruby to help you plan your training session

Bonus #2 A step by step digital manual on how to develop an effective training program

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I know you’re busy running a business and I refuse to waste your time. This is a condensed customer service training product designed to immerse you in ways of thinking about your business your staff has likely never experienced before. You will learn Customer Service Techniques…the most valuable skill you can ever master in your business. Remember, this course gives you a step-by-step blueprint of exactly how to get started and keep your customer service training momentum going. Modules cover the following information and include:

  • the ability to demonstrate to each customer that you care about their satisfaction and will do everything you can to keep them happy;
  • insider tricks that take you out of your shoes and tap into the challenges your employees face every day;
  • customizable sessions and exercises you can overlay on your own new hire orientation programs to make sure every employee understands the importance of their role in serving the customer;
  • Worksheets you can reproduce over and over again;
  • Facilitator’s guide and checklists to follow so the training can have maximum impact on employees performance;
  • Timeless customer service tips you can easily mold to your own business.

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Phew! This Course Is Loaded To The Gills WITH VALUE!!!

In fact, I’d like to be completely honest with you. There is not another customer service education product that can touch the step-by-step, easy-to-follow training you get from the “Secrets to Keeping Our Customers Happy!” I’m not saying you couldn’t learn about customer service elsewhere, but this course has been carefully structured to get you the fastest results possible while at the same time teaching you a REPEATABLE, systemized skill guaranteed to make you shine in your role as a leader for your organization. I look forward to supporting you in your wildest success!



Ruby Newell-Legner

P.S. If you’re still thinking about whether or not “Secrets to Keeping Our Customers Happy!” is for you, consider this…

  • You can be great at customer service but until your employees learn those skills it will hold you back in achieving customer satisfaction.
  • You have been preaching to them some of the same things Ruby will tell them in this video training program, but because it comes from an outside expert, they will finally pay attention;
  • Staff development through video training is a science and Ruby has made every effort to make this system a robust training tool that incorporates story telling, factual statistics and specific examples to your business;
  • You can’t just hand your staff a manual with all the do’s and don’ts of customer service. Your employees need to hear it, see it, experience it, and discuss it in order for it to sink in.

“Secrets to Keeping Our Customers Happy!” is a rare chance for you and your staff to learn insider secrets from some of the best companies in the world, avoid making common mistakes, practice their new skills, AND have fun…in the shortest amount of time possible. There is a method…a process…a formula. I know it and I’m ready to hand you the keys to becoming an employer of choice and a hero to your customers!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity.

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There has never been such discounted access to Ruby in any of her previous programs.

This accelerated learning system is not only incredibly effective, but also FUN!!! Ruby has put together insider tactics and exercises of her own, to make this a slam dunk…for you and all your staff! It includes:

  • 5 educational DVD modules of powerful instruction featuring customer satisfaction expert Ruby Newell-Legner.
  • Handouts for each session so participants can follow along (it’s almost as if they are there for the live training program)
  • Training Tools including:
  • Checklists for a successful training program
  • Articles for staff newsletters to keep customer service techniques in the forefront of their mind throughout the season
  • Facilitators Guide to help you deliver the program


Let’s Break This Down…

Yup, not only are you going to be able to instantly train your staff on customer service, these tools will help all your training programs be successful and a good investment for all your employees.

2 DVD's

5 educational DVD modules of powerful instruction

featuring customer satisfaction expert Ruby Newell-Legner.

1. Seven Star Customer Service

2. Understanding our Customers and their Loyalty

3. Communicating with Our Customers

4. Dealing with Upset Customers

5. Ruby’s Tips for Providing Positive Internal Customer Service

Checklists for a successful
training program

(valued at $35)
Tips from how to invite employees to the training session to setting up the meeting room.


Handouts for each session so
participants can follow along

(valued at $75)
The original PDF documents come on your DVD so you can print them out each time you need them (it’s almost as if they are there for the live training program)

Leader's Guide

Leaders Guide to help you
deliver the program

(valued at $50)
(Told you I’m not holding anything back. I have no reason to – I am DEDICATED to your success.)

Customer Service tips for staff

Articles to keep customer service techniques in the forefront of their mind throughout the season.

Bonus #1

A 30-minute phone
consultation with Ruby

(valued at $250)

You get ME! I’ll be available to coach you AND answer specific questions about how to set up your training sessions for maximum learning to take place. We can discuss how to use the DVD’s in your new hire orientation or your seasonal staff training.

Bonus #2

How to Develop An Effective
Training Program

by Ruby Newell-Legner (valued at $17)

A Digital Training Manual with step by steps tips on how to pump up your staff development program for maximum performance from your employees.

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More Satisfied Attendees RAVE!

“Ruby has an attention grabbing, energetic way of communicating to people of all ages.”
–Britney Romito, Asst. Area Supervisor, City of Baton Rouge, LA“Ruby brought customer service out of the training manual and thrust it into my own career! Her humor instructed and her enthusiasm encouraged. I’ll never view my job the way that I did before attending, “Secrets to Keeping Our Customers Happy.”
–Gail Carissimi, Citizen Response Liaison, City of Centennial

“Ruby, Thanks for getting our Training Team on the right start this year!”
–Adam Laredo, Corporate Director of Training & Development, Six Flags Amusement Parks, TX

“We had representation from Public Safety to Lifeguards to Managers and her message about customer service was well received from all of them! She delivered a lot of positive information in a short amount of time; it was well paced with just the right amount of humor injected into her message.”
–Wendy Moyle, Manager, City of Ocean City, FL

“The program was really enjoyable. Ruby is an excellent speaker that provided excellent handouts that we can bring back to our facilities. The training session was motivational and very informative. I am honored to be a part of this exceptional training session. I look forward to attending another! Thank you for the information!!”
–April Deleon, Rec. Coordinator, Denver Parks & Recreation

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“Many (staff) came up to us and said they had no idea of the different situations that could occur or how they should be handled. Not only did everything work well during the race weekend, but our guests had a wonderful time!”
–Bob & Julie Brown, Co-Presidents, Victory Lane, Shell Grand Prix of Denver”Ruby has the perfect mix of education, information, anecdotes, and humor to keep us all interested and entertained while still teaching us proper techniques of customer service.”
–Lori Piel, Usher, Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

“We practice guest hospitality at the City of Westminster. I train new employees and seasonal life guards. Ruby is the “Best of the Best” in our profession for customer service. I appreciate Ruby’s talents and new ideas, so I jump at the chance to hear her speak. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to customer service. You are the best!”
–Deb Larson, Recreation Supervisor, City of Westminster, CO

“Best customer service speaker I have ever seen.”
–Chris Macakso, Marketing/Public Relations Manager, Recreation & Parks Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge, LA

“Ruby is a very dynamic speaker with great ideas and interpretations for the problems we are faced with today.”
–Jennifer Crowell, Pre School Director, YMCA

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“Today we have a new feeling of respect and understanding for each other, this training was the key for us to re-focus on working together as a team.”
–Ron Yachinich, Convention & Recreation Services Director, Town of Taos, NM

“Your unique perspective and understanding of local governmental gives you the credibility that other seminar speakers don’t have, you develop an almost immediate respect and connection with your audience.”
–Paul J. Sincock, City Manager, City of Plymouth, MI

“It was evident that Ruby not only knows her craft, but that she believes in it whole-heartedly. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude help deliver the material in a way that makes it effective, meaningful and easily implemented.”
–Claire Coco, Special Facility Manager, Recreation and Parks Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge, LA

“Entertaining, Dynamic, and very informative; I will use this program for many years to come to train new employees.”
–Bryan Blaser, Facility Assistant,Wheat Ridge Recreation Center

“Ruby has got the secrets to success!”
–Savanna LaSalle, Baton Rouge Zoo, LA

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“There was so much great material in this program. It made me realize I have areas where I can improve. I have all kinds of ideas and tools I can use now. I am on a committee on how to improve our customer service, now, thanks to Ruby I have all kinds of ideas that we can use to improve our customer service. Thank you Ruby! You made it fun today- besides all the awesome information.”
–Darlene Ward, Recreation Coordinator, Denver Parks & Recreation

“Ruby has an attention grabbing, energetic way of communicating to people of all ages.”
–Britney Romito, Asst. Area Supervisor, BREC, Baton Rouge, LA

“Humorous, informative, not what I expected- well done Ruby, for making customer service fun and professional.”
–Roger Grant, Pro Shop, Engelwood Golf Center, Englewood, CO

“High energy speaker with a wealth of practical tips you can apply right away to raise the bar in customer service.”
–Signi Solmundson, Project Manager, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Canada

“Ruby’s presentation provided great tips for improving customer service in our organization. I will be sharing the tips I learned today with our seasonal staff so that they can provide the best possible service during our busiest season of the year.”
— Amanda J. Norconk, Recreation Supervisor, City of Northglenn

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“Ruby refreshed and renewed my ideas on how to better communicate, listen, and take positive action towards an effective staff.”
–Heather Tomaric, Guest Relations Coordinator, Kent State University, Dept. of Recreation Services

“Ruby’s presentation was lively and humorous. The information that is presented is very helpful. I plan to take this information back and incorporate it into my quarterly trainings. Thank you Ruby for the reminders and new information.”
–Shelly Fritz-Pelle, Customer Service Supervisor, City of Englewood

“Ruby has a great presence and makes many topics that are typically structured and boring, very humorous and a great educational opportunity.”
–Julie Holmgren, Facility Manager, Trails Recreation Center, Centennial, CO

“Everyone was STILL talking about you (Ruby) and how important it was to hear you speak and get your ideas. The Heinz Field Team Members will never be the same again. Thanks.”
–Sandra Fundy, Concierge for Luxury Suites, Heinz Field/ Pittsburgh Steelers, PA

“As I looked around the room during Ruby’s presentation, everyone was just as engaged at 11:30 AM as they were at 9:30am. The information was well presented and the humor injected kept the room’s attention. Ruby’s relationship with her audience is incredible. I hope our organization will use more of Ruby’s training programs in the near future.”
–Kelly Kitts, Supervisor, Denver Parks & Recreation

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“Fantastic ability to incorporate realistic examples with the information that she is communicating that makes it easy to understand and remember.”
–Tina Ross, Director, Incline Village, NV

“This program was informative and energetic. Ruby delivers a great amount of key information for running any business or organization productivity. She presented excellent strategies for the customer service industry both inside the organization and with our clientele in a wonderfully fun and engaging way. Fantastic!!”
–Nannette Davis, Customer Service, Englewood Recreation Center

“I have had the privilege to attend several of Ruby’s presentations over the past few years. I have enjoyed her programs and more importantly, I have left more energized and knowledgeable. Her information and philosophies are presented to a wide range of service employees. Outstanding!”
–Dan Schofield, Deputy Director, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO

“I supervise about 10 college students who work at our front desk at the recreation center. It is very challenging at times to motivate them and pass on the importance of many new tips that will be useful in motivating the staff to improve their customer service skills. Ruby is an excellent speaker who kept my attention the entire 3 hours! She helped me think of new ways to help my staff improve their customer service skills.”
–Amanda Doubet, Customer Service/ Special Events Coordinator, Evans Parks & Recreation

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“The BEST practical customer service training techniques you’ll ever get in one session, anywhere.”
–W. Gregory Camp, Wellness Director, Naples Community Hospital, FL

“Ruby’s presentations are always refreshing! Her excitement and enthusiasm are contagious and the techniques she presents are from real life experience; making them very effective. The information in “Secrets to Keeping Our Customers Happy” will be helpful in our monthly staff trainings.”
–Sarah Rodriguez, Aquatic Facility Coordinator, South Suburban Parks & Recreation, Littleton, CO

“Our group is a tough crowd to please and is very vocal with criticisms of events and personnel, I was taken aback and you are to be commended on the fact that approximately 99 percent rated you and your program as above average or outstanding. In my tenure, I have never encountered such a high rating.”
–Steve Rongyocsik, Director, City of Henderson, NV

“This is a great program with useful information. The topics covered are used in my line of work everyday. I look forward to taking this information back to our facility and program.”
–Michelle McGhee, Assistant Manager, Trails Recreation Center, Centennial, CO

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