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The Speakers’ Handbook

Attention Speakers!

How to Have an Organized Office that Does Everything But Automatically Make Your Bookings!

Dear Speaker,

After 16 years as a full-time professional speaker, I know a little something about how it works. And I don’t want you to have to travel the rocky road I took to get here. So, I’ve done all the work for you!

The Path to Speaking success Has Already Been Mapped Out for You!

I’ve targeted the most critical information a speaker needs in his or her toolkit, streamlined, and delivered it up in a thorough handbook guaranteed to shave years off your learning curve! Now you too can create a speakers office that runs smoothly and stress free!

Get a first hand look at all aspects of this lucrative business – from HR issues, to marketing, to speaking. This really is an incredible resource!!!

“THE Speakers Handbook is Dynamite!! It has been one of the most helpful, and life saving resources in my development as a speaker. I refer to it almost weekly and the materials inside have saved me countless hours of time. Ruby is the greatest, and using the handbook has allowed me to benchmark off of one of the best speakers in the business.”–John Marx
Your Best Customer
“Helping You Create Superior Service”

By downloading this 85 page Handbook, here’s what you’ll get:

A look at all of our Business Processes including

  • How to research potential clients to reach your target market (page 34)
  • Tips for negotiating your fee to get what you’re worth (page 37)
  • Finding clients in the area you’re already speaking to maximize your exposure (page 45)
  • An easy step by step guide to event coordinating so you can streamline this sometimes tedious process (page 47)
  • Our Speaking AgreementAgreements for speaking at a conference or providing training – this document alone will help you have a better, stress free speaking engagement and will help you shine in front of your audience (page 71)
  • Our Client Invoice – make it easy for your clients to give you the money you’ve earned (page 76)
  • Our Event Report – see what can make your life easier when you go to an engagement! (page 90)
  • Marketing Letters to help you sell yourself to your prospects (page 62)
  • Thank You to Client Letters to show your appreciation to your client so they’ll want you back! (page 97)
  • Scripts for follow up calls to Clients to help you deliver great customer service!(page 99)

You’ll learn about my Business Philosophy and see how I’ve designed my successful marketing strategies. I spill the beans on all my closely guarded marketing tips and techniques.

All the Human Resources Information you’ll ever need including:

  • Job Descriptions – tell your staff what you expect from them! (page 18-25)
  • Sample training schedule – don’t miss a thing when training (or retraining) staff (page 28)
  • Sample Time Sheet and Absence Request form (pages 27)

I told you – we’ve done all the work for you!

Finally, I will share with you some Tricks of the Speaking Trade including my words of wisdom throughout the Handbook, forms I use including my coveted Evaluation form – the key to my success!

“I can honestly say that the information and more specifically the evaluation/leads generation form that Ruby handed out to me at her workshop, has been the single highest revenue generator for my speaking business. I have always known that a speakers best marketing tool is their speaking, Ruby has now given me a tool to capture that business while I’m on the platform. Thanks Ruby.”—Linda Edgecomb, CSP
Speaker, Best Selling Author

So, how do we know so much? Simple, we’ve been doing it for a while and learned from our mistakes. We’ve gone from a speaker-run office to now an office of 4. Ruby’s been a manager, a coach and now a Professional Speaker. She has been speaking professionally since 1994. Ruby has presented over 1900 programs in nine countries. And she’s a Certified Speaking Professional…so you know that she knows what she is talking about.

Bottom line – she has a successful business, her employees are happy and she’s making money. What more could you want?

We really have done all the work for you!

Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your business into a stress free, well oiled machine!

So, what’s the cost?

$579? $379? $179? No.

How does $79 grab you? Really. Over 25 years of my knowledge, my secrets, and my wisdom. Download your copy now. You won’t be disappointed.

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