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Build A Loyal Fan Base

Poor customer service is a gift you give your competitor. If the service stinks, customers will simply spend their leisure money elsewhere. In the guest business, we need to remember how important it is to think ahead and take steps to avoid negative encounters. On one of my recent flights back to Colorado, takeoff was…
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Help Employees Bust Out of a Slump

For 20 years, I taught, coached and observed some of the most talented swimmers in the country. Some were gifted athletes, and others were hard workers. The smartest ones knew how to “make the wall work out” by knowing where they were in pool, so they could properly prepare for the finish or a flip-turn…
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What to Do When Employees Complain

I hate complainers. I have zero tolerance for people who choose to look at the negative side of situations. Some people are never happy. It’s almost like their mind is trained to look for things to complain about. That’s why our perspective is the most important choice we make every day. Overcoming obstacles and challenges…
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