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The Coach Approach: How Winning Managers Help Employees

Time for a short story: When I was a recreation center manager, one of my employees — let’s call her Lisa — had earned her degree and all her required certifications. Delighted to work in her chosen field, she was hired to be in charge of the rec center when I wasn’t on the premises….
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How to Develop Future Leaders

Out of curiosity, I recently Googled “leader.” The results varied considerably — from “the person who leads or commands a group, organization or country” to a bicycle shop in San Diego to the name of the daily newspaper in Eau Claire, Wis. But my favorite definition was this one: “The main growing shoot of a…
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Why You Already Should Be Thinking About 2016

When I decided to quit my full-time job in 1996 and become self-employed as a professional speaker, I knew I needed the support of my loving husband, Rich. From the day I came home from work and announced, “Honey, I want to quit my job and become a speaker,” we needed to develop a plan…
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