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Why You Already Should Be Thinking About 2016

When I decided to quit my full-time job in 1996 and become self-employed as a professional speaker, I knew I needed the support of my loving husband, Rich. From the day I came home from work and announced, “Honey, I want to quit my job and become a speaker,” we needed to develop a plan…
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Turn Your Employees Into Experts

My first visit to Dubai was in June 2005, to provide training for Jumeirah Group. Leaders at that company understand that to create a service-oriented culture, they need to foster a successful learning environment. A perfect embodiment of this principle is the staff at Wild Wadi Water Park. Located in Dubai, Wild Wadi is the largest…
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Make Your Boss Happy

A dear friend and colleague once shared with me a secret to his success: Upon waking each morning, he asks himself, What question should I be running on today? Those simple words trigger his mind to reflect on his potential and frame his thoughts for the day. In my work as a performance consultant to top…
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